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Charon 2 Development Kit
NOTE: Product end of life

Charon 2 is low-cost embbedded module based on the AVR ATmega MCU. Charon 2 Development Kit is set of base development tools and development motherboard for the module for programming, debuging and first applications.. Our Charon 2 demo applications are based on this Charon 2 Development Board with peripherals.

Main Features

  • Charon 2 module with MAC address included
    (It's compatible with the Ethernut 1.3 board)
  • An HW STK-500 SPI programming adapter (RS-232)
  • LCD display 2x16 & DS1822 1-Wire thermometer
  • Charon I&II Development Board with following peripherals :
    • Ethernet 10 Mbit interface
    • 2x RS-232 (2x DB9M - RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS, GND)
    • Programming : JTAG connector / SPI STK500 connector
    • LCD output interface (shift register)
    • 8x binary input, 8x binary output (shift registers)
  • SW examples and well documented Getting Started guide available
  • Easy to use, easy to start, well documented..



  • Charon 2 Development Kit documentation
     - Ch2 Development Board detailed description, connectors pinouts & description,
    - Getting started with the default demo application, testing all peripherals..
    - Detailed description of the example application & programming routines.
    - How to compile & programm to the Charon 2 module your application...
  • Charon 2 Development Board - scheme only
    Scheme of the "Charon I and Charon 2 Development Board", included in the "Charon 2 Development Kit"
  • AVR Studio 4.7
    With original included HW STK500 adaptor, use please AVR Studio 4.7. Higher versions may have troubles, with STK 500 FW updates..  
  • Charon 2 module documentation
    Module dimension & pinout, pin description, Ethernet connection, application & module scheme.
    Memory map, fuses default values, programming details...
  • Charon 2 Application scheme
    How to connect Charon 2 module to the Ethernet and to your application. This scheme included in the Ch2 module datasheet.


Hardware Description

1 – Power source
2 – Ethernet RJ45 connector
3 – Termination jumper
4 – RS-232 (Serial port 0)
5 – Charon I PSEN FirmWare Programming
6 – LED P1 enable and LEDs
7 – SPI FLASH area
8 – Reset switch & polarity jumper
9 – JTAG internal power solder jumper
10 – AVR JTAG ICE connector
11 – PB6 / OC1B jumper
12 – RS-232 (Serial port 1)
13 – PB7 / SETUP mode JMP1 jumper
14 – AVR ISP (In System Programming) Port
15 – ISP LED & STK500 programming jumper
16 – 1-Wire bus connector
17- Peripheral JUMPERS FIELD  
18 – LCD display connector
19 – PB6 & PB7 LED indicator
20 – Shift register parallel input switch
21– Shift register parallel output LEDs
22 – LED indicators

You can find desctiptions, pinouts and other details to all peripherals in the Development Kit manual.


Getting Started with default application

This chapter describes How to start working with this demo application, but it's well documented in the “Charon 2 DB demo” page.

The Development Board contains frequently used peripherals: Ethernet connection (10Mbit twisted pair), LCD display connector, RS232 line, thermometer(s) connection, LED diodes as outputs, DIP switches as inputs, I/O pins on connectors, setup jumpers etc..

The default loaded “Charon 2 DB demo” applications is well documented (“Charon 2 DB demo page”) example of using all these peripherals.
You can find detailed Getting Started guide in the Charon 2 Development Kit manual.

Setup the IP address

At first you have to assign unique IP address to the Ethernet device. We are not supporting the DHCP because of some troubles and uncompatibilities with previous versions, we prefferes easy serial terminal setup.
Run any RS-232 terminal program (Hercules or Tera Term for example) with port parameters: 9600Bd, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit (9600 8N1). Switch the handshake control off (Flow : NONE). After power up with shorted the “SETUP jumper”, the first page of the serial setup should be displayed in the opened serial terminal.

RS-232 Setup is intended for use in setting Charon 2 network parameters. Before you connect the Charon 2 Development Kit into the network, the parameters should be set to the correct values for proper operation on the network (accessing the Charon 2 Development board from network).

You can see this page on the picture, follow the instructions and “Press any key to enter RS232 setup“.

The actual configuration is printed, and can be seen in the easy menu allowing change of basic network parameters.

When the Charon 2 DB peripherals demo firmware is loaded into the microcontroller, these network parameters are set to default values:

MAC= 00-0A-59-03-00-5F,
IP mask=,
IP gateway=

Just press “I” or “i” (non case sensitive) to assign an IP address for the device. There is automatic mode inserting "." (dot separators) if the number in the IP address is 3 characters long. There is ENTER automaticly inserted if the last number has 3 characters. You can't use backspace key in editing..
All entered paramethers are automaticky checked before writeing to the EEPROM = you can't set GW which is out of your basic IP address range defined by the IP address and used Network MASK. It means you have to define first the module's IP address and Network MASK, than new GateWay.

When all paramethers are OK, remove the “SETUP jumper” and press “R” for “R: Reboot (exit setup)”.

Testing default WWW application

The user can access the “Charon 2 DB demo page” HTML page by an internet browser. Simply write the current Charon 2 IP address into the browser and the following page appears. The default IP address = , in browser:

There is a ‘welcome’ HTML page and from this page the user can enter to other pages (links on page):

On NutOs status HTML pages we can see some important NutOs operating system information. The main purpose of the implemented application on Charon 2 is peripheral control. Therefore the most important link is Peripheral control to show the following HTML page :

Now you can work freely with this default application. For more details about peripherals and their programming support, please check the “Charon 2 DB demo page”.

You can test this demo online on our public IP address : in our Prague office.



Available now! You can order: Charon 2 module only or complete Charon 2 Development Kit.

We have a minimum of 20 pcs in stock at all times. It can be shipped via FedEx next day all over the world. We accept payement by Credit Cards or Wire Transfer, check our prices in the PriceList .

Or try to contact your nearest distributor of our products - International Distributors .  

OID Device type
600 074
End of life
Charon 2 DK set - (product photo)
Recommended starting set:
 - Charon 2 [600071]
 - Charon 2I DB board [600072]
  - HW STK500 programmer dongle
  - 1-Wire temperature sensor, LCD display 2x16 chars
 - DB9 LapLink cable 2m [600063]
 - Manual, CD
600 083
End of life
SP Duo prgrammer (product photo)
Recommended additional programmer to Charon 2 DK set
The original HW STK 500 is limited to AVR Studio 4.07 only, SP Duo isn't. With SP Duo you can program ATmega CPUs through RS-232 over SPI as like as JTAG interfaces.
600 071 Charon 2 (product photo) Stand-alone module only
600 055
End of life
Charon 2 E
Special module version woth RJ45 connector and Eth. transformer - for high volumes only!
600 072
End of life
Charon 2 DB board (product photo)
Development Board for Ch1 as like as Ch2, not module included
600 068
End of life
Ethernet set (product photo)
Components set for Charon module connecting to the Ethernet network. (Eth. transformer, RJ45 connector and 2 Capacitors for high Peak-2-Peak voltage)


Charon 2 DK set included

  • The Charon 2 module with MAC address and serial number on the label [600 071] . 
  • The Charon I&II Development Board (Shortly Development Board only) [600 072]. 
  • A LapLink serial communication cable with a DB-9 female socket on both ends [600 063]  
  • An HW STK-500 compatible programming adapter for serial RS-232 port [600 140]
  • Ch2 DK Accessories [600 141]
    • The DS1822 or DS18B20 1-Wire thermometer sensor 
    • A LCD display 2x16  
  • CD with all necessary software in the /Charon2/ director



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